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Miami and Miami Beach, interchangeable in the minds of most visitors, in reality are vastly different. While Miami has gained prestige as the financial center of Latin America, Miami Beach has always been a tourist-friendly vacation hot spot, as a trend-setting arts and entertainment Mecca, and a shopping and cultural wonder by visitors, world travelers, celebrities and locals alike, offering visitors and residents a dazzling array of amenities to enjoy. World famous South Beach is a sexy, overwrought city, with hundreds of dramatic hotels and party settings, a worthy backdrop to Art Basel and many more significant international events.


It is only natural to chose Miami Beach as your home, or vacation home. The real estate in Miami Beach offers your tremendous variety of homes and condos to fit any budget from low price ranges to the extravagantly high: $125M! When looking to buy a home in Miami Beach, you need to navigate the real estate market with a local expert, who knows every condo building, every home and every inch of Miami Beach.

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Below you can view all homes and condos for sale in Miami Beach, Florida and please contact me to visit any one of these homes. Zoom in and out to view more or less properties in Miami Beach, Florida:

Porsche Design Tower, Sunny Isles Beach!

Porsche Design Tower- THE HEIGHT OF COOL

Porsche Design  Towers- Condos Miami_contact Kate Smith 786-412-8510

Porsche Design Towers, Kate Smith 786-412-8510

When I look at the new ultra chic condominiums soon to grace the already impressive skyline of  Sunny Isles, the only way I could possibly describe or categorize them, there are three categories I can think of: Hot, Hotter and Hottest!

Porsche Design Tower is definitely the hottest! And not just in our little neck of the woods, however glamorous that might be, this overwhelming project will write a new chapter the history of Architecture and Design.

Porsche Design Tower is the world’s first condominium complex with elevators that take residents directly to their units while they are sitting in their cars. Pull over into the designated space. Turn off the engine. And enjoy the oceanfront view as you escalate in a glass elevator that takes you, while you are sitting in your car, to the front door of your apartment. You don’t have to leave your car until you are in front of your apartment. The video below will amaze you:

For those of my readers, who look at real estate with all seriousness it demands, if you were ever waiting for that one project which tops everything else off, Porsche Design Tower it is.

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Hollywood Broadwalk

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk Hollywood Broadwalk: named one of America’s top ten nostalgic promenades by USA Today and Travel And  Leisure magazine, the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk stretches over 2 miles, featuring a brick lined pedestrian and bicycle promenade that combines dramatic coastal views of award-winning beaches with the nostalgic feel of a Main Street thoroughfare.

Hollywood’s oceanfront Broadwalk offers miles of car-free enjoyment. Walkers, runners, bicyclists, Segways, and rollerbladers set their own pace on this path, which is bordered by six miles of Hollywood’s famous coastline, charming shops, cafe’s and places to be entertained while viewing the ocean.

Hollywood Beach’s Broadwalk offers you unique dining experience; eclectic meals served up with ocean breezes and live music, under the bright tropical stars. Dozens of casual seaside cafes serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.  Expect to find authentic Floribbean cuisine and family-friendly favorites including pizza, burgers and ice-cream as you watch people stroll the oceanfront Broadwalk as they have done since the 1920s.


Map of Hollywood Broadwlk:

Real Estate Miami – Miami Beach: Median Sales Price Of Condos Up 35.4%

Real Estate Miami – Miami Beach_median prices are upReal Estate Miami – Miami Beach: Median Sales Price Of Condos Up 35.4%

“Woulda-coulda-shoulda” – sad laments of those who failed to grasp opportunity. For those that are waiting for the real estate prices in Miami Beach to hit the bottom…they missed it; and I must add- quite a while ago. Prices as well as sales, are moving back up nationwide and have climbed up in SE Florida.

The figures below attest to the validity of this statement.

The median sales prices of condominiums in Miami and the Beaches are up 35.4 percent year-to-date, according to data released by the Miami Association of Realtors. The median sales price of condos in the area has risen for 13 months in a row, with a 15.2 percent increase in July compared to the same period in 2011. Single-family home prices rose 2.8 percent.

“The Miami real estate market continues to attract demand as inventory consistently decreases, yielding significant price appreciation,” said Martha Pomares, 2012 chairman of the board of the Miami Association of Realtors. The average sales price for Miami condos rose 7.9 percent in July.

The reports on the real estate Miami Beach market conditions we have been sending over the last year or so, have been broadcasting the same message and all figures have been consistent in supporting them. Even the most conservative media had finally caught up with these. So, why is it that there are still some buyers still “waiting for the prices to come down”?

The fact is that there are good deals in every market. It is also a fact that if a good deal was $525,000 last year in a certain condo building, today the same unit line is $600,000 at 4% mortgage, and next year, it may be at $675,000 not to mention the expectation of higher mortgage rate. And, if we take a look at the luxury market, Miami is considered one of the three “Super Prime” real estate markets in the United States along with LA (CA) and NYC, (NY) for properties valued at 20M and up. After a brief state of “slow”, now more than ever the high end properties are in high demand!

In a nut shell, if you are seriously interested in buying your “place under the Florida sun”, this great condo or, a home that is a good bargain today and will be, for the years to come, don’t delay to reach out and contact a knowledgeable agent. You need knowledge and inside information, you need someone who can safely guide you in the maze of “deals”.

Short Sales: New Trends Making It From Short To Shock?

Despite of the numerous headlines proclaiming that short sales are improving greatly, convincing the unsuspecting reader that the time has arrived to write up an offer on one, this could not be further from the truth.

Now, more than ever one should avoid short sales. Even though the general perception is that the banks “are getting slightly easier to deal with”: offering programs and online platforms for short sale sellers and their agents, the transactions themselves are getting even tougher to close.

Although, it is clear that foreclosures are costly and expensive for banks, the fact that banks are hugely reluctant to participate in HAFA is a shocking reality. Here are a few common statements: banks are not in the business of buying or selling homes. When banks foreclose on a home, they become responsible for selling it. It’s difficult for banks to sell foreclosed homes, yet they still do everything possible to complicate short sale process and they continue to do everything possible to deny short sales, rather than approve it. Well, there might be a new good reasons for the banks now chose to opt for foreclosures, read on and you will be shocked.

Making Home Affordable. “Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program”: the statement behind HAFA, is powerful and clear, and the government put so much good will and effort behind it. Unfortunately, it remains just a “wishful thinking”! The banks now more than ever, proclaim one thing but do entirely different “behind the scenes”.

Here are a few new trends to watch:

BPO’s continue to come ABOVE current market value! Seriously, where is the logic in this?

Investors: Banks hide behind their “investors”: a very dangerous and fast-growing trend.

One of my short sales was denied yesterday because the “investor” wanted to net 25% more than the actual market value! What a preposterous request! The property was listed at current market value, supported by current and relevant comps, and surprisingly, by the bank’s own BPO.  The contract price was slightly higher than the listing price, respectively higher than current market, yet the “investor” wanted more! That same “investor” made a statement that they prefer to foreclose rather than agree to accept a contract slightly above market. One cannot help it but wonder where were these “investors” when the banks were in a desperate need of financial help? The government not only stepped in and “bailed out” the banks, but continues to seek programs and solutions to restore the economic balance. It is intolerable that the banks do not reciprocate in playing their important part in the process, or at least honor their part of the deal.

Non-institutional liens: In many cases, short sale lenders are unwilling to use any money from the sale proceeds in order to help the short sale seller to pay off these non-institutional liens. You can talk with the lender until you are blue in the face, but there are certain investors and specific lien holders that will refuse to give in and allow any money towards non-institutional liens, such as: state tax liens, abstracts of judgment and HOA liens continue to be a huge hurdle to closing short sale transactions.

Incentives, offered to sellers: not honored. Many are the banks that advertised attractive incentives to those sellers willing to consider short-selling their home. It is now very clear that some of these banks used this as a desperate attempt to correct the negative publicity they had generated in the recent years. Good example, whereas the original lender was : Bank of America, the file was handled by “Servicer”, Green Tree- and of course they had “never heard” of any incentives offered to sellers…Out of 15 files I had for BOA, 13 were handled by servicers.

Real Estate Commissions: banks continue to request reductions on the real estate commissions and fees. Despite of government efforts to correct this, it is happening again and again. Realtors did not receive any breaks when their business was hit when real estate markets went down; they were not “bailed out” by the government! They took their losses and went day in and day out to do the best they could to help an entire industry in distress. They did not cause the difficult situation of the seller; neither did they cause the decline in the market values, although the banks quickly tried to include them in the category “to blame”. So why do the banks feel that the Realtors should not get paid especially in short sales when both, the seller’s and the buyer’s agents have to double their work to compensate for the in adequacies of the banks?

Foreclosure vs Short Sale: and, yes: banks openly state that they prefer to foreclose rather than agree to a short-sale on a property, contradictory to the popular belief and general perception that “banks are not in the business to own real estate”! This is the latest trend to watch: banks are looking to expand their efforts in actually foreclosing and managing the properties as landlords.

Wonder, what comes next?

Stay tuned for more on Foreclosure and Short Sale news.

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“Some make it happen, some watch it happen, and some say, what happened?”

South Florida’s High-End Properties In High Demand

South Florida High-end PropertiesThis excellent story by Miami Herald: The Rich Niche: South Florida’s High-End Properties In High Demand – Breaking News –, offers good insights on what is really happening in our lovely South East Florida. Before I share it with you all, I would like to include the following “Points To Ponder”:

Where do the affluent buyers shift their attention to?

The scene: Luxury Real Estate, SE Florida- Sunny Isles, Miami Beach, Down Town Miami.

The players: Europe, South America, US, Israel, Russia.

The circumstances: Europe’s Political and economic tensions not only push up U.S. bond prices, but also boost the US real estate markets, as some of its most affluent residents start looking for stability and comfort elsewhere. Political instability in South America, has always been the driving force out for some of these countries’ investors. General disappointment and loss of confidence in the stock market was the determining factor for the local luxury buyer. Israel has a technologically advanced market economy and although the global financial crisis of 2008-09 spurred a brief recession in Israel, the economy has recovered better than most advanced, comparably sized economies, thus producing a number of substantial investors. Russia: as the number of Russian billionaires almost doubled over the last year to 101, (reported by Forbes), our sunny coast plays host to some.

The results:Luxury homes in SE Florida are selling for nearly what they were at the peak, even if the market as a whole remains in the dumps. 

The article below is one of the many articles in the last 6 months or so, attesting to the fast recovery in SE Florida’s real estate. It offers truthful reports and statistical figures making two points: the luxury market in SE Florida not only remains the most resilient market, but continues to grow, and second, it creates an “after effect”, that influences positively many other segments of the local market, causing them to recover faster. With that said, why I wonder, so many people are still waiting for our local market to bottom out???

Read more here:

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Florida Real Estate Buzz: THE HEIGHT OF COOL


Luxury resort development and sky-scraping sports cars jazz up miami’s soaring real estate scene. It’s not just foreign investors fueling Miami’s comeback. As the local real estate market faces a renaissance and prices rise, heavyweight developers – Donald Trump in Doral and Gil Dezer in Sunny Isles Beach – are jumping back on the investing wagon to get a piece of the pie before there’s nothing left. Trump plans to work his magic (and millions) on a weathered Doral golf course and hotel and turn it into a luxury resort. Dezer is teaming up with sports car maker Porsche for a one-of-a-kind futuristic condo tower. In general, Luxury homes in SE Florida are selling for nearly what they were at the peak, even if the market in the other states and markets remains in the dumps.

And, the today’s headlines from Miami Association Of Realtors anounce: Miami condo prices jump 38% in the first quarter of 2012, inventory drops 33%.

The median sales price of a Miami-Dade County condominium rose by 38 percent in the first quarter, compared to the same period in 2011, according to a report from the Miami Association of Realtors. The median single-family home sales price rose to $174,799, a 14 percent increase compared to the first three months of 2011. “In the first quarter, we have seen further decline of housing inventory in Miami-Dade County, coupled with consistent and significant price appreciation,” said Martha Pomares, 2012 Chairman of the Board of the Miami Association of Realtors.

Record home sales, which were greatly boosted by foreign buyers and investors in Miami-Dade County, have further strengthened the local real estate market and economy.” The price increases came despite short sales and REOs continuing to account for a significant proportion of closed home sales.

Whereas the prices went up by 38%, the inventory in Miami fell by 33 percent in the same period.

Stay tuned for more real estate news.

Aventura, City Of Excellence

Aventura Real Estate For Sale

Aventura Real Estate For Sale, Waterfront Condos and Homes

Aventura is the perfect community for your permanent residence, seasonal retreat, real estate investment, family vacation, or relaxing escape. A little over 3 square miles, this oasis is one of the most sought after areas in Miami-Dade. Lined along the Gold Coast, Aventura is recognized as the City of Excellence with just a little over 28,000 residents. Incorporated in 1995, Aventura has made its mark on the map as an ideal destination. Whether you are looking to buy Aventura real estate or sell Aventura real estate, this website is your gateway to all. It will provide you with the most up-to-date Aventura real estate MLS listings, Aventura maps, demographics, lifestyle, schools, shopping and dining.

Clean, safe, economically stable, great for raising a family, pet-friendly, conveniently located between the Miami International and Fort Lauderdale airports, full of entertainment and shopping, scenic views, marinas for boat lovers, less than 1 mile from the beach, you can see why this is a popular location. High-end living with a picturesque lifestyle is what you will find in Aventura.

What is it like to live in Aventura, the City of Excellence? It is all about you, your family and your quality of life. Aventura is packed with golf courses, marinas, tennis courts, state of the art spas and fitness centers, waterways, shopping, dining, entertainment. It is also one of the top school districts and home of famous Aventura Mall and Aventura Hospital. Safety is very important to this lively town, that never seems to sleeps. In fact, it is quite often you see people power-walking and exercising well past midnight. The city offers every single convenience imaginable to its residents; from houses of worship, to community centers packed with social and cultural activities, to kids parks and playgrounds, and dog parks and playgrounds. There is something to do for literally all age groups: from 1- to 101 years old!

Aventura Mall, with 300 stores, 10 restaurants, and a 24-screen movie theatre, Aventura Mall is South Florida’s Number 1 shopping destination.

Aventura Golf Courses:Choose from 8 Aventura golf courses.

Miami Property Prices Continue to Rise in 2Q, International Buyers Still Driving the Market

Miami Property Prices Continue to Rise in 2Q, International Buyers Still Driving the Market


Posted by Michael Gerrity 08/13/12 12:24 PM EST
Author Bio | Archives

Related Stories:


Martha Pomares (Miami, FL) – According to the Miami Association of Realtors, limited housing supply and strong demand both domestically and internationally continue to yield significant home price appreciation.

See related news story on WORLD PROPERTY CHANNEL:

Median and Average Sales Prices

The median sales price for single-family homes in Miami-Dade County rose four percent to $185,000 in the second quarter of 2012 compared to the second quarter of 2011, and six percent compared to the first quarter of 2012.  The median sales price for condominiums was $153,000, an increase of 28 percent year-over-year and 18 percent compared to the previous quarter.

“Limited supply of single-family homes and condominiums is resulting in robust price appreciation, reflecting the demand that persists for Miami real estate,” said Martha Pomares, 2012 Chairman of the Board of the Miami Association of Realtors.  “Miami is a very unique real estate market, attracting both U.S. and international buyers unlike any other market in the U.S.  Such appeal will continue to support local market strengthening long into the future.”

Year-over-year, the average sales prices for single-family homes and condominiums increased 10 percent to $345,191 and 22 percent to $254,045, respectively.

Nationally, the median sales price of existing single-family homes was $181,500 in the second quarter, up 7.3 percent from the second quarter of 2011, according to the National Association of Realtors.  The national median sales price for condominiums was $178,000, a 7.5 percent increase over the previous year.

Homes Sales Rise in 2Q

Miami-Dade residential sales – including existing single-family homes and condominiums – increased two percent in the second quarter, from 6,768 to 6,898, compared to a year earlier.  Following a record-breaking year in 2011, sales in Miami remain at historically strong levels.  In the second quarter, Miami sales of existing single-family homes increased four percent compared to a year earlier and 17 percent compared to the previous quarter.  The sales of existing condominiums increased one percent compared to the second quarter of 2011 and 18 percent compared to the previous quarter.


Patricia Delinois

Nationally, total existing-home sales, including single-family and condo, slipped 0.7 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.54 million in the second quarter from 4.578 million in the first quarter, but were 8.6 percent above the 4.18 million pace during the second quarter of 2011.

“There is obvious and strong demand for Miami properties, despite the dwindling supply,” said Miami Association of Realtors Residential President Patricia Delinois.  “We are seeing multiple offers for many properties, which are taking considerably less time to sell.  Still many qualified buyers are being denied the dream of homeownership due to unnecessarily tight mortgage underwriting standards.”

Inventory Levels and Months of Supply

Total housing inventory in Miami-Dade County decreased 28 percent year-over-year and 6.1 percent compared to the previous quarter.  Currently, there are 11,497 active listings in Miami-Dade County.


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POINCIANA ISLAND, Sunny Isles Beach- Boater’s Paradise

POINCIANA ISLAND, Sunny Isles Beach- Boater s Paradise


Main Features
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Partial Bathroom
Interior: 2,500 sqft
Sunny Isles Beach, FL
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